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Ally Product Tour



Hey everyone, Welcome to Ally.
Have you had a miscommunication with your motor carrier or shipper cause frustrations? Have you had difficulties tracking and tracing your freight, managing your documents, keeping track of rate quotes, or finding the right partners to work with?
Ally TMS is smart freight management and collaboration platform, enabling brokers, shippers, carriers, agents and other stakeholders collaborate on a freight. Ally can be used to run entire organizations making it easy for you to manage every aspect of your freight, and help you better collaborate with your colleagues and with other freight partners.
In this brief product tour, I am going to show you how Ally can help, and how we’re embracing simplicity at the core.
Let’s jump right in.

Load Management

The load management section enables you to accomplish quite a lot. It is the hub for load details, rates, conversations, delivery calendars, and track -- giving you and your freight partners a bird's-eye view of everything related to the load. While Ally is designed to be simple, advanced features unfold as you build up the load gradually.
  • You can enter details of the load in this section from the weight to equipment needed to delivery dates and locations. This view makes it easy to see every aspect of the load and progress so far.
  • Relevant updates to your load are also automatically sent to your Truckstop, DAT, and other load boards. This tool helps you save time and provide consistency of data in all load boards and Ally.
  • You can involve a carrier, shipper and even an agent if you are working with one. By adding them as assignees, everyone can stay informed as the freight delivery progresses. That way decision-making becomes transparent and collaborative and keeps the other stakeholders in the loop without all the time-consuming update calls and emails.
  • Use conversations instead of email chains to communicate with load stakeholders. All discussions about a load remain in the same spot for easy access.
  • In this section, you will be able to view a list of inbound rate quotes. You can approve or decline rate quotes as they come in -- helping you make the right decision in the process.
  • You can also send out invitations to your approved carriers to enable them to locate the load and submit rate quotes. This feature brings more attention and rate quotes to your loads.
  • There's a files view showing every attachment to your load in a gallery view, so you don't have to dig through folders or email to find the files you need.
  • The notes section allows you to post comments or ask your colleagues questions -- that way conversations with your colleagues happen alongside work and you can reference later on.
  • You can also track and trace your shipment, for free via a mobile application installed on the driver’s phone -- that way you don’t have to call or use other expensive services.
  • All this in one view. How awesome is that?


The marketplace is a one-stop source of trucks for freight brokers, shippers, and agents:
  • This feature connects you directly to your load board providers like Truckstop, DAT, and 123Loadboard
  • You can quickly sort, filter, and view trucks available in the market by date, state, preferred load type, and equipment code.
  • Details of the truck post include availability date, time, location and preferred directions to a name a few.
  • You can also view other details about the motor carrier including truck company details and more.

Shipper Management

The shipper management feature helps you:
  • Add and manage shippers you’re already working with
  • View or update shipper details including contacts, addresses, company type, finance and online presence details in one location
  • You can also upload documents relevant to the shipper in this section, so you don't have to dig through folders or email accounts to find the files you're looking for.
  • You can also add comments about the shipper private to your organization for you or your colleagues' reference.

Carrier Management

The carrier management section helps you:
  • Find carriers you are already working with or want to work within the future. Our database of carriers is updated regularly, and currently contains several hundred thousands of carriers.
  • Information available on Ally includes safety ratings by the FMCSA, violations, inspections, and accidents recorded for the carrier in the last year. This feature enables you to connect with the right carriers.
  • Carrier contact information, addresses, and payment preferences are some of the data available for each carrier on the platform.
  • Over here, this section contains data including the number of trucks, drivers, and more.
  • You can upload documents relevant to the carrier in this section, so you don't have to dig through folders or email accounts to find the files you're looking for.
  • You can also add comments about the carrier private to your organization for you or your colleagues' reference.

Create Account

To create a free account and gain access to all the Ally features, please fill out this brief form.
The DOT Number is used to claim your account and the verification process that follows.
After filling out the form, click on create an account. Credit card information is not needed to claim your account.


To log in, enter your email address and password.
The next step is to verify your DOT number ownership. You can choose to be called or texted at the phone number registered with at US Department of Transportation.

Early Access Users

Need more? Ask about our ‘early access users` program.
New features are continuously available to our early access users. Features currently available under our early access user program include:
  • Easy carrier onboarding
  • Smart invoice management
  • Payment management
  • Appointment booking
  • Send faxes and SMS messages from your account
  • Online document signing
  • Scheduled load posting for shippers
  • Calendar management of your loads
  • Access to shippers database
  • … so much more
We’re excited to welcome you to Ally. Go to to create your free account now.